Artist Statement

When I work as a musician I ask myself,

what kind of music do I want to hear?

And is “that” which I want to hear really music?

It is from that point of inquiry that I really begin to search for my music.

My ideal music doesn’t have any meaning of it’s own,

it's a kind of "impression" that existed from the beginning.

This diluted music brings forth something invisible

from the listener’s memories.

The music itself doesn’t do the work, the work is reached through the music.

A mutual dialogue comes about within the music,

and maybe what comes forth is what you want to hear.

I myself have nothing I want to convey,

“that” does it’s own work for each person.

It might be that itis more important for me to talk about “inner dialogues”.

Gou TATEISHI Musician / Artist

©2008 GouTATEISHI.All Rights Reserved.