Gou TATEISHI Musician / Artist

Gou Tateishi was born in 1977 and brought up in downtown Tokyo.

He is a self-taught musician who has worked as an art entity known

as “eje” that seeks to connect various things with the activities of sound. He began exhibiting under his individual name in 2017.

In his "drawing" video works he seeks to bring out the poetic nature of casual everyday landscapes, and in examining the boundaries of these things he invented "emulsion music" to bring them together.

He creates work on"music" and the "relationship" that it encompasses.


Award history

2008 Asian Digital Art Award Excellence Award "Mizu-Tama"

2013 16th Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award Special Award


Solo exhibitions

2008 "gO exhibition" HIGHIRE 17-15cas (Nippori)

2012 "Monooto / Otodoke Exhibition"

Co-sponsored by TRAUMARIS / NADiff (Ebisu) xSUNDAY ISSUE (Shibuya)

2013 "Monooto / Otodoke, Kotoshimo" TRAUMARIS / NADiff (Ebisu)

2013 "eje Week" SUZU CAFE (Jingumae)

2015 "Otoyu / Monooto, Kotoshimo" TRAUMARIS /NADiff (Ebisu)

2022 "I can see it, while I can't see it" Y`s ARTS (Ueno)

2023 “Afterglow of puddle" HUG FOR_. (Kamakura)

Group exhibition

2013 "16th Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award"

Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kawasaki

2013 "Isetan Art Patron Project" Shinjuku Isetan

2014 "Collectors and Artists Exhibition"

T-Art Gallery / Warehouse TERRADA (Tennozu Isle)

2018 "SICF19'' Spiral Hall (Omotesando)

2022 "10 ARTISTS OF SANTA CLAUS" Yorokobito (Nishi Ogikubo)

Music production / participation

2007 2007 Painter Teppei Ikehira Solo Exhibition "Tsubasa no chozoko"

Venue Music

2007 Japanese paper modeling artist Eriko Horiki solo exhibition

"Eriko Horiki's World Exhibition"PV music

2008 Ryuichi Sakamoto sponsored music label "commmons"

Web Site Music

2008 Directed by Naoki Segi Movie "KIZUKI"(Japanese Movie Critics

Award InternationalActivity Award Work) Theme song

2008 Director Takashi Saito Movie "Tengu Leaf"

(30th Pia Film Festival Winners) Music

2010 Artist Midori Mitamura's work "Art & Breakfast Berlin"

Venue Music

2010 Program "NIJI TV" station ID music introducing Japan in Portugal

2011 Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum "chaokao fashion show wa ゜"

Music charge

2011 Artist Midori Mitamura's work "Art & Breakfast Melbourne"

Venue Music

2012 Artist Midori Mitamura's work "Art & Breakfast Tokyo # 2"

Venue Music

2015 University of Tokyo Komaba Museum Special Exhibition

"Drawing Boundaries ⇔ Crossing" Venue Music

2016 Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art "Aichi Triennale2016"

Midori Mitamura Venue music in the work

2019 Ceramic Artist Kana Ueda Solo Exhibition "New Texture"

Venue Music

Many other corporate music productions

(HONDA, Cannon, TOMMOROWLAND, Theory, Hitachi, Fuji Xerox, etc.)

CD release

2004 "{su}" released nationwide

2008 "oMpa" released nationwide

2016 "Music For Art & Breakfast" NADiff aichi limited release


2007 "Line class"Musashimurayama Third Elementary School

2014 "Otoyu" T-Art Gallery / Warehouse TERRADA (Tennozu Isle)

2019 "Music for the Sagami Scrum Photo Exhibition" (Sagamiono)

2023 "Listen to the scenery" Kusanone (Ina)

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